Friday, June 27, 2008

Elvis has left the building

Words cannot describe how excited we were this week when Rudy turned in his dissertation! So we will let the pictures of "The King" and his peeps @ Trappeze speak for themselves. Thanks to those who came out....the Dr. Dunlap defense party coming soon.....

The 'red-fox', with the 'white man's overbite.'

Carlton is not touching Emily

Caleb just has those crazy eyes, ya know?

You know what I mean.

Dave, this may be a bad time,
but can I borrow your pressure-washer?

Peace, Lila...

Rudy and Mango

Ironically (or is it?) John Kirby, one of our bestest friends from High School (he introduced Rudy and I) came down to Athens for some lame workshop. Bonus for him he knew someone else in town... Thanks John for a fun week. You and Carrie look like Texas-lovers. Come for a visit.


We went to Atlanta for our last hoorah with Corey, Yancey and Laurel before heading out West. Walking around town, shopping @ the new H&M and other wild and crazy things made the weekend more than memorable.

I wish I could pack them all in my boxes and have Mayflower (movers) drive them to Bryan. But that would be bad (for them). Guys, we will miss ya! Thanks for showing us a grand time.

Downtown view from Piedmont Park

Laurel studies bathrooms of the future
and there was one in Piedmont Park

Not sure why I have my hand like out for my claw!

Rudy likes his smothered, covered, chunked and with peppers. Seriously, why are you eating dog food?
Rudy obsesses about Corey's I-phone
and I caught it live on camera.

Rudy does not like his
picture 'being made'....can you tell?

Ok, this guy was a hoot with the helmet. He had quite a few cocktails and was enjoying the lovely ATL weather. With a helmet on.

No Corey, I did not loose your glasses. I did see that guy with the tats standing behind you @ Heretic wearing them when we left.....heh heh.

Corey and Yancey...awwww....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Randyfest 2008

Operation surprise Randy, aka "Randyfest 2008", went off without a hitch. We flew up on Friday to celebrate Randy's 30th year with Proctor and Gamble, his 57th birthday, Father's Day and the Dunlaps on their 35th wedding anniversary. Friends and family all had a blast.
The back of the T-shirt Danielle made for everyone

Randy taking it all in (check out the
front of the T's that say 'RandyStrong')

Later on that weekend, we headed to the Hofbrauhaus (the one of few located outside of Munich, Germany - as a result of the large German heritage in Cincinnati). They drink like Germans (lots of beer) and play German music and there is always plenty of dancing on the tables with the authentic beer wenches.
Stephanie (Rudy's brother, Joshua's, girl)

winky, wink Doug (& Emily)

Rudy and Doug playing 'cornhole'

L-R: Rachel and Emily

Randy likes beer

Rudy and Randy getting ready for one of their favorite things - riding bicycles! They joined the Gears for Beers group on Father's Day Sunday (which was also Randy's 57th b'day). Fun Times.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiny Dancer

A cute little pic of my niece Olivia in the tu-tu I made for her. Emily showed me how to and it is so easy! I had to post it was too cute. I love and miss you, Liv!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My favorite Corolla just rolled 200K! Yippee.....
Mom & Dad bought it for me new in college (March of 1997) and it is my baby. I wonder how we will survive in TX without air conditioning?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Night Out in Bryan

Friday night was our last night in Bryan for awhile so we decided to go out to the nice restaurant in town, Madden's. Tara, the owner, was soooo nice to us. Tara and her husband Peter, the executive chef, are about the same age as Rudy and I; we hope to get together once we are in town in August. Tara was so welcoming she gave us a free dessert and a gift certificate as a house-warming present. Rudy and I are used to 'southern hospitality' but this town has really taken it to a whole new level.

Here are some pics from that night....

the neon sign RIGHT outside our window

Rudy posing with some statues (????)

Hotel right across the street


back home in Athens....

we were surprised to see the
blooming hydrangea when we arrived home

some "volunteer" cukes and tomato plants -
our soil is finally so healthy and now we are leaving!

the Rosemary is taking over the world