Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Happy Hour 2009, College Station, TX

First off, I would like to say 'Hi my name is Danielle and I am a slacker.' I hope you can forgive me, I have been busy/lazy/too 'over' taking pictures/without a home/traveling/no internet connection/crappy internet connection/ for the past several months. I will try to take it day by day and post pictures as they are taken from this post forward!

Here are some of the latest from Friday's Happy Hour. Those who know Athens know Friday Happy Hour is important and hardly ever missed. When Rudy and I arrived in College Station, this was not the case. College Station, being the land of strip malls and no downtown, has no place to meet-up and socialize that is unique like in Athens. So Rudy and I began to invite people out every Friday from 4pm until 6pm at O'Bannons - the best chain bar around that we could find. And twice a year, we have a Happy Hour of our own. Here are some of last week's pics.

Some of the faculty in Rudy's dept -
L-R: Amanda, Ulli, Rudy
Background - Jerry, the crazy grad student

They say everyone always goes to the kitchen.
Need a bigger kitchen!

We like wine - can you tell?
How many glasses?

Bea & the Shafers (more faculty) -
the cutest couple ever!

Rudy and Bill yacking it up...yo yo.

Bea and I -
Beatriz is a grad student who came to Fiji with us.

Sunset on the balcony

Hugh, Christy, Ted and Andrew -
probably 'community organizing' something!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fiji Me!

Hey guys. No pictures this time - just a small update to let you know we are alive and well.

Just arrived in Brisbane, Australia today and headed to Townsville tomorrow (just an overnight stopover). There is so much to tell, I really have no idea where to begin.

Day 1:

Well, we picked our group of 18 students up at Nadi airport about a week ago and we headed across the large island of Fiji to a resort like backpacker accomodation. The first day (after arriving) was largely free so students could get to know one another and to sleep off the jet lag. The next day was a trip to USP - the University of the South Pacific for 5 lectures about Tourism and life in Fiji - socially, economically, environmentally, politically - customs, etc.....this is where the students got to know what is happening on the trip and what to expect. Since this is technically a study abroad group - they have academic responsibilities.

On our way home from USP, we stopped by the Fijian President's house to mess with the guards and the House of Parliment. Technically, the government has been in a coup recently (and they technically have a dictatorship), nothing was really going on but it was interesting to see. USP was in Suva - the largest city in Fiji and its capital. Again, once pictures are downloaded, you will see - it is a developing nation - so it looks more like India (in my head) then what one would traditionally call 'Fiji.' We were all exhausted still from jet lag so we headed back and crashed early.

I will write more later....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Bula from Nadi, Fiji!

Rudy and I have arrived in Fiji a little over a day ago. After a 24 hour journey here (which was uneventful thank god!), we waited for our shuttle from the airport as the sun was rising. We both were and are still a bit jet-lagged, however it has not been nearly as bad as when we have traveled to Europe. I guess because the time difference is so great (17 hours) we have felt it less than a 6 or 7 hour time change.

So after we arrived at our hotel, we cat napped and ate some breakfast. Afterwards we took a taxi to another side of Nadi - where there are more beaches and scenery. On the way to and from though, the scene was more like what I would have pictured in India or Bangladesh - cars zipping through crowds, dogs running randomly, and people of indian and native Fijian decent walking to and from market. Afros are very popular here and men wearing sulus/skirts is common. All in all, very different from anywhere I have ever been!

Here are a few pictures of our hotel, beach, etc. We head off tomorrow to another area of Fiji with the students arriving from Texas A&M. Rudy, myself and a gentlemen named Lee are in charge of keeping them alive while on their trip abroad. Some of the students have never been outside of Texas, so needless to say, we are going to keep an eye on them.
Until next time....

Our hotel and view from our room:

The beach:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Milo Loves Salsa

Our friends, David and Alley, had a nice get together tonight.  We had fun cooking out, salsa dancing and talking with many folks from RPTS (Rudy's Department) and outside.  Here are a few shots:

What I brought - Greek salad on a skewer

Milo (he is a spanish speaking dog from Costa) trying to keep David and Alley from salsa dancing.  He was quite funny.  He kept on going between them breaking them up.  Can you say 'jealous'?

Milo gets his turn

Milo taking a breather after dancing the night away

Richard and Ashley were having fun looking at the doggy dancing.  (Richard is the IT genius in RPTS and has been very valuable to Rudy with all his computer woes).

Friday, May 1, 2009

Goodwill Gucci

I was so excited I found this set of 12 highball glasses at Goodwill.  I just had to share!  $3.00 + tax for the whole set. They were perfect for our dinner party a few nights ago!

Rudy and I break things almost daily - the drawback to concrete floors.  Victims this week included a butter dish and a votive candle holder.  So Goodwill Gucci it will be until we stop with the butter fingers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our New Home!

We are moving (urg) again this summer.  Although, We love our current flat, its a bit small.  Rudy is now working from home about two days per week and in one room, we are definitely cramped. 

These are the townhomes we are moving into - they are right across from a park/walking trails, outdoor concert arena, and we will be right on the bus line to the university.  Rudy can also bike to work (about a mile) safely - which has been impossible where we currently live.  The apartment/townhouses will have two pools, a huge 24 hour workout facility, a restaurant, a bakery, shops, a wine name it....its here.  We are so excited!

We will move in sometime this August - once construction is complete. Here are some pics we took while checking out the progress the construction crews were making....

The one on the end is ours.  We lucked out because being on the end, we are the only ones with a wrap around balcony.  These are two bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1500 sq. ft townhomes.

This is not our kitchen but it will look something like this one.

In the park across the street

The hills are alive....with the sound of Rudeman.

Austin is....Our Kind of Town

As Rudy and I "adjust" to living in rural Texas, we find it is very therapeutic to run to Austin about once or twice a month.  We love eating at unique restaurants, going to farmer's markets, listening to music - all are things that Austin can provide!  Here are photos from our recent trip.

Whisk! - a relatively new restaurant in Austin.  More of a cool take out, locally sourced lunch place.  Great atmosphere, even better food.  You can eat in the kitchen with the chef or dine al fresco.

Barton Springs:  Natural, Spring fed swimming hole + park near downtown Austin.  It was already packed since it is quite hot here in Texas.  

Austin Botanical Gardens:

Austin Farmer's Market (AMAZING!) - you could find everything you need - fresh bread, pastry, local organic veggies, fresh fruit, fish - all while listening to bluegrass.  I was in heaven!

Remember the Alamo!

Its been quite awhile...I've been a bad, bad blogger!  

My parent's came over Rudy's Spring Break and we had so much fun!  This was their first trip to Texas since we moved here.  We went to Austin and visited the Texas Capital and then went on to San Antonio to see some of the sights there.  The Alamo, the Riverwalk and the missions (Catholic Diocese) in the area were quite facinating.  We tried to convince Dad to ask if there was a basement in the Alamo and he wouldn't (Google Pee Wee's Big Adventure).  I didn't take many pictures (Dad took most of them) but here are a few shots! 

The Riverwalk

Welcome to Beautiful Texas!
Mom and Dad's view from their hotel room.

The Alamo

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Far From Home

I've given it a lot of thought and this move to Texas from Georgia has been as culturally different for me as New York is to North Carolina. It is coming to me in thoughts here and there - life is different here in Texas. We live in Texas (I am still in shock)! Rudy and I sometimes cannot grasp it. Why? I am not quite sure. In our almost 11 years of marriage we have moved about 5 times to different cities and towns - so moving is not new to us. I realize what made Athens different the second time around. We purchased our first home in 2004 in Athens. It was our home. I have not felt an attachment to a house since I first met Rudy in 1993 when my family lived on Lake Bend Way in Greensboro, NC. We still miss that house. And although we still own our Athens house, we miss it as well.

Ironically, we are now craving stability and somehow we dislike the idea of settling here. The job is excellent, the friendships have begun and seem sincere, my health is continuing to improve - why not settle here? Something tells us both, this is not "it." Only time will tell. There are many adventures ahead - for that we are certain!

For now, trips to Austin will have to do - we love Austin! And this weekend we are headed there AGAIN to relax and enjoy. We may even consider living there at some point - but for now, we will commit to another year in College Station.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pull ups Potty Dance

Commercial that is so hysterical/bizarre/slightly disturbing:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Leisure Work

Rudy was at a conference for Leisure Educators in Salt Lake City. As you can see, 10 years of schooling in Leisure does definitely have its perks!  The Dr. of Fun AKA Rudy, apparently is having lots of leisure!

Rudy and several other professors went to Park City for an afternoon of cross country skiing. Apparently they saw a moose across the canyon and all were asked to keep quiet since Moose kill more humans in North America than any other animal (or so Rudy tells me).

Rudy is set to return on Sunday night.  Come home soon smoopy!


Here's my man - knitting a hat for his brother's girl, Stephanie.  It turned out great!  BTW, we do use the lights.  Not sure why Rudy has his headlamp on!?!

Stephanie was kind enought to take a 
picture for me with it on!  Thanks Steph!