Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Happy Hour 2009, College Station, TX

First off, I would like to say 'Hi my name is Danielle and I am a slacker.' I hope you can forgive me, I have been busy/lazy/too 'over' taking pictures/without a home/traveling/no internet connection/crappy internet connection/ for the past several months. I will try to take it day by day and post pictures as they are taken from this post forward!

Here are some of the latest from Friday's Happy Hour. Those who know Athens know Friday Happy Hour is important and hardly ever missed. When Rudy and I arrived in College Station, this was not the case. College Station, being the land of strip malls and no downtown, has no place to meet-up and socialize that is unique like in Athens. So Rudy and I began to invite people out every Friday from 4pm until 6pm at O'Bannons - the best chain bar around that we could find. And twice a year, we have a Happy Hour of our own. Here are some of last week's pics.

Some of the faculty in Rudy's dept -
L-R: Amanda, Ulli, Rudy
Background - Jerry, the crazy grad student

They say everyone always goes to the kitchen.
Need a bigger kitchen!

We like wine - can you tell?
How many glasses?

Bea & the Shafers (more faculty) -
the cutest couple ever!

Rudy and Bill yacking it up...yo yo.

Bea and I -
Beatriz is a grad student who came to Fiji with us.

Sunset on the balcony

Hugh, Christy, Ted and Andrew -
probably 'community organizing' something!