Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aunt Emily visits Austin

We've been so lucky to have my parents come visit over Thanksgiving for a week. We definitely need to get some of those photos up!

This week, Aunt Emily came to visit. She's had so much fun with "her twin" aka Baby A Dunlap aka Max. Emily is also a twin (in case you didn't know - Rudy's sisters Emily and Rachel are twins) and they have each 'adopted' the twin that corresponds with their birth order. I.e, Emily was baby A and her twin is Max who is also baby A. We'll have to get Rachel to taken pics with her twin when we meet up for Christmas.

This week things have changed significantly with the babes - they are MUCH more awake and alert. They both smile ALOT. Max, who was Mr. fussy pants and had colic, is now as chill as could be and so happy. Vivi has officially found her 'voice' and talks and yells at us in a cute way to tell us what she likes and doesn't. Vivi has officially slept through the night (1 time from 10:30pm until 6:30am)! Other than that, they are only getting up once per night so we are getting at least 5 hours of sleep a night (up from 1-2) and we feel like rockstars!

Here are some shots from our week:

enjoying the farmer's market with the babies

Max sleeping with Aunt Emily amongst the laundry

Vivi wearing the hat Aunt Emily made

Vivi's sleeping style

Max is in love with Aunt Emily

Max and Vivi (L-R) singing angry Christmas carols

We're twins ya know....

Baby Bender

Rudy and I were running around the other day looking for pacifiers - two babies and no pacifiers. Are you kidding?!? WHERE were they? Under the bed of course....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Naptime and Pacifiers

Back in September I was napping with the little ones in my belly. We would take two naps a day - one on my lunch break and the other as soon as we got home from work.

I couldn't help myself today to take them both and snuggle like old times. They both slept longer and more soundly than usual. I wonder if being back together had something to do with it. Note, Max and his pacifier and Vivi sucking on her hand. I love learning who they are and their differences.

Somethings this week - Vivi mimicked Rudy raising her arms up in the air several times in a row. So cool. And she also slept 8.5 hours through the night without waking. Max is learning to calm himself down and not relying on us as much to do that for him. He gets EXTREMELY upset when hungry and will have a little freak out. We've notice that subside a bit this week. He also is full of smiles for Mommy. That, my friends, makes this all worth it.

Weight Update: Max is now 10.3 lbs and Vivi is 9 even! Officially, they are off the preemie scale and now are between the 10 and 25th percentile for weight. Their height is still on the preemie scale.

We've come up with creative ways to hold Max's paci in. And no, we don't leave the room with him like this but it comes in handy not having to place it back in his mouth every 2 seconds.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Want to babysit?

Rudy and I woke up to it bad that we laughed? I guess we would be joining them if not for the laughter. Have a relaxing Saturday and think of us!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making up for lost time!

Since Vivi has come home, its been chaos. We love it though. Wouldn't have it any other way!

Here are some shots of her and her brother....

our little babushka

she sleeps with her arms in the air for an hour sometimes.
Looks like she is putting a curse on us.

Another shot...

Reading a book with Daddy

sharing a bed with brother...

sharing Mommy with brother

doing pullups

Sally Struthers called and wants to know how much per day a cup of coffee is now.