Saturday, January 31, 2009

Leisure Work

Rudy was at a conference for Leisure Educators in Salt Lake City. As you can see, 10 years of schooling in Leisure does definitely have its perks!  The Dr. of Fun AKA Rudy, apparently is having lots of leisure!

Rudy and several other professors went to Park City for an afternoon of cross country skiing. Apparently they saw a moose across the canyon and all were asked to keep quiet since Moose kill more humans in North America than any other animal (or so Rudy tells me).

Rudy is set to return on Sunday night.  Come home soon smoopy!


Here's my man - knitting a hat for his brother's girl, Stephanie.  It turned out great!  BTW, we do use the lights.  Not sure why Rudy has his headlamp on!?!

Stephanie was kind enought to take a 
picture for me with it on!  Thanks Steph!

Field Trip

Rudy and I took a trip a few weeks ago to Austin. We had a great day - a picnic, a trip to a museum and great 70 degree January weather. We are adapting to Texas and our proximity to Austin makes that a much easier.  We love Austin!

A few cool shots from our day:

eyes that follow you throughout the room

spaghetti like sculpture outside of the museum

Ancient Athenian coins (circa 120-190 AD)

Another Athenian coin

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our House..... is a very, very, very nice house

Every other year, Rudy and I head to Cincinnati for the holidays.  And I started a tradition of making a gingerbread house.  Rudy and his brother Joshua have created their own tradition of destroying the house at the end of the week.  Here is this year's house:

The before

Thursday, January 1, 2009