Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hello friends! It's been awhile! So it looks like this blog is going to be a once a year thing, but oh well...we're attempting it again!

Update - kiddos are now 16.5 months old - walking, some talking, getting into everything! Most days, I feel on top of it (although my house doesn't look neat ever!); somedays, I am not. That is how I am figuring motherhood goes. You never feel ahead or organized but its so joyful. We have lots of laughs and it is so. much. fun. living through your children's eyes.

The other day we went to the Austin Children's museum for their 'free night'. Because Rudy has been traveling and we were just the three of us, I thought it would be a 15 minute excursion and someone would melt down and we would have to leave as soon as we got there. The opposite happened and the kids were so well-behaved and had a blast! We met up with our friend Adrienne (from Camp High Rocks days) and her two little guys, Grover and Gram.

At the museum, Max loved this board that you put pegs into and they are lit from behind (sort of like the 70's light bright toy). He took it so seriously that he even corrected me when I put a peg in the wrong hole. It was like his job and he was the supervisor correcting the employee. Too funny.

And the reward for me being on my own for the past week and a half.....Vivi did it! She FINALLY said 'Mama' and is using it all of the time now (which I know will get annoying, but its not yet!). Up to this point, when we would ask her to say Daddy, she would smile lovingly at Rudy and say 'dada' which I didn't want to point out but sounds very much her version of 'Doggy' - but whatever. We would ask her to say 'Mommy' and she would shake her head 'no' and smile. She knew it was driving me nuts. Well, finally the other day I was standing at the stove cooking and she screamed it out so loud so I would pick her up and show her what I was cooking. (I always show the kids what is for dinner and explain the veggies and spices, etc. Sometimes we even pull up their high chair so that they can look on.) I loved it. If only Rudy was there to hear it. We miss you Bo! See you tomorrow.

Here's a picture of my Valentines! It was alot easier to get a picture that was creative when they were little blobs....;)