Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pinky & the Brain

6 long years of graduate school have come to an end this week.  On Wednesday, July 9th, Rudy defended his dissertation and was finally awarded the distinction of 'Doctor!'  Emily, Doug, Rachel, Lisbeth (Rudy's work wife), Roz (Rudy's work Mother in Law) and I all went to watch Rudy present and 'defend' his research. Surprisingly, the defense was interesting and kept our attention for 2 hours!  After the defense, we all went out for a bite to eat @ Mirko (a new pasta place in town...excellent) and later on a dip in Emily and Doug's pool (thanks guys!).  Overall, an incredible day.

Friday, was officially my last day of work after a little over four years of working @ Ameliorate.  When my boss, Louie, the small frenchman, mentioned there may be tears, I quickly responded that i would not be crying any of them!  I have a feeling I will likely receive several calls in the weeks to come....

Here's a photo of Rudy post-defense.  Dr. Smarty-Pants!  Will his head ever return to normal?

Slim Shady

We have recently been adopted by a kitty named 'Slim Shady.'  He began to appear several months ago lounging on our porch on sunny afternoons.  He has been a regular @ Forest Heights for about the last two weeks.  We just do not know how to break it to him that we are moving!?!