Friday, August 22, 2008

Taco Flavored Keeses from Texas

HOWDY!  Tejas is good.  Rudy had several days of new faculty orientation and I must say they treat their faculty and staff well here @ A&M.  We went to two different family oriented dinners this week - one where they brought about 15 different local restaurants and bakeries so we call could sample the College Station/Bryan flavor; the second was more formal and it was held in the George Bush Sr. Presidential Library.  Although I am not partial to the Bush legacy, it is a beautiful building.  The statue out front was made from some of the actual Berlin Wall.  Horses trampling over itsymbolizing the fall of Communism. 

Rudy's classes being on Monday and he is so ready to get this semester started.  This weekend he is taking a trip to Wichita Falls, TX (on the Oklahoma border) for a bike ride titled 'The Hotter than Hell 100' - 100 miles in northern TX.  Sounds like fun huh?  This is their logo...

I am doing well and still adjusting to the 'stay at home' wife is nice!  For now, I am trying to get the apartment painted, unpack (almost done) and get my thyroid issues solved.  This week I went to see an acupuncturist which was amazing. I should have gone all along.

Saturday night we have dinner with some new friends in the department so I will try and take pics of that.

Until then....taco kisses from Texas!  Check out this video (hilarious!)....

Our New Address:

201 South Main Street
Bryan, TX 77803

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dudy Goes West

So Rudy's graduation (pics to come) went wonderful.  We left our friends and family on Sunday the 3rd of August to head 14.5 hours West towards Bryan, TX.  We had a tearful goodbye at Big City Bread 11am EST and our plan was to drive 10 hours to Shreveport, LA to spend the night.

After stopping in Vicksburg, MS for dinner, we realized very quickly that there was no where to eat.  So we continued on to Louisiana where we found a good ole Olive Garden.  We pressed on to arrive at 11pm CST in Shreveport.  We were exhausted but we made it. The next day was about four hours of driving and we entered Bryan/College Station, our new home.

Overall, in my opinion, the trip went well. Rudy is not a fan of being in the car more than 3 hours so he was a bit restless.  He and I split the drive and here are some pics we took:

Rudy so happy driving :)

crossing the Mississippi 
(I had never done that by car!)

the Louisiana Bayou at sunset

downtown shreveport

we're home...

front window looking out at dusk

our stuff

another front window view looking out

our side window views


Rudy now wears earplugs to bed because these trains are loud and run twice an hour! Luckily, they run only three times per night. I grew up right next to a train so I have no problems sleeping (thanks to the Sarine tendency to be heavy sleepers).

Friday, August 8, 2008

St. Augustine

Before graduation and the move, Rudy and I decided to take some much needed R&R in St. Augustine, FL.  My cousin, Amy, and her husband, Marshall, were gracious enough to let us stay.  Their home is a block off the beach and has unbelievable views of the intercoastal waterway.  We even spent a few days with them on Marshall's new catamaran which is docked currently near Tampa area.  Here are the pics from our trip:

Happy Hour on the dock is nice

L-R: Cuz Amy, Me, Aunt Kathi (Amy's Mom) and Rude

Izzy, my godpug (Amy said that if she and Marshall 
die in a "fiery" plane crash, Izzy and Henry are mine).

Sunset on the dock

Izzy @ Happy Hour

Henry always looks so concerned
 - life is hard for a pug

Rudy and Amy shootin it

Amy and Marshall's house

Aunt Kathi & Amy

Dinner with friends of Amy and Marshall 
L-R: Amy, Tom, Vicky, Marshall, Me, Rudy and Uncle Keith.


Video of Amy's reaction to a shot of jagermeister: