Thursday, March 27, 2008

Double Mint

Rudy's mom and sister Rachel came to visit this week (her Spring Break from UC). We love visits!

Cute Pic of Rudy's sisters with their men
doing their best double mint commerical.
L-R: Rachel & Caleb - Emily & Doug

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blue Steel Wednesday

Some more 'ham it up' pics from Mexico. Do your best Blue Steel! Are you an ambi-turner? If needed, google "Blue Steel" for this to make sense.

Jules and Greggie-Poo

Yo its O!

Nice Kiddies Sunglasses you dork!
(Danielle's Bro, Jeff)

I call this one
'Rudy Rocking the Kiddie Sunglasses'

"Yo Shorty! (Kira) its your b'day,
we're going to party like its your birthday!"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yea

Our Easter Sunday was spent playing fun games at a get-together at Brian and Sarah's.

Rudy and Rachel's man, Caleb, getting ready for the next round. Check out those game faces (nice double sunglasses, Rude).

Dennie and Susan somehow do
not look too intimidated by Rudy and Caleb.

My Sis in law, Rachel and Ruby, aka, Rubels. Sweet coat, Ruby.

Earlier in the day we went to Caleb's house for a dog party.

Little Dog, Doc (brown lab) and Bea (Yellow Lab) all chillin

Doc saying "hey"

Emily and Doug's new puppy Little Dog

Pinball Wizard

Our friend Mango playing Ms. Pacman at 283 Bar on Friday. Barrett, Mango wants to challenge you to a Pacman Tourney.

Cool 80's lighting effects, eh?

Friday, March 14, 2008


Greg and Julia are engaged,
Jeremy and Rebecca are prego with baby #2!
Lots to celebrate!

Me-hee-co Part Dos

Mom, Olivia and Kira hangin poolside

Olivia Sarine the next Michelle Wie

Dudy lovin Mexico

Hangin out with Manuel, our favorite bartender

Vic and DD

Olivia swimming for the first time on her own

Rudy and the Mexican Michael Jackson - who's bad?

I wonder who Kira gets her curls from?

Yo - Kira be chillin with a drink (milk/leche) poolside

Kira and Dad

Kira and Greg getting their swing on

No worries in Mexico - Kira and Greg see a plane overhead

Rudy and Jules getting their swing on - at the swing bar

The Sarine Compound by the Pool
(where we hung out everyday)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Farkle Family Spring Break 08

The Sarine clan headed to Mexico for some R&R. We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort outside of Cancun. My brothers and their loves and children and Dad and Mom came. 12 of us in all.
Farkle Family goes to Mexico.
Here is part one of the crazy pics.

DD and Rudy's view from the balcony.

Julia Goolia and Greggie Poo @ the Gift Shop

Everyone on DD and Rudy's bed for Happy Hour.

Olivia and Uncle Rudy

Julia found a coconut.
DD insisted we open it - it was not easy.

Dad chillin on the veranda.

DD and Rudy on the beach in our SPF 45.

L-R: Jeff, Rudy, Jeremy and Jules enjoying or
painfully sitting though Karaoke on Night #1.

Olivia smiling for the camera @ the pool.

Iguanas are all around the resort.

Julia refusing Greggie's kiss.

Spring Break 08...yeah Dad.
Partying like a rock star.

Kira's best pouty pose.