Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's For Dinner?

Just being silly...and we were bored (it is Texas afterall) so here is what we ate....Cajun Scallops with Succatash

Rudy cleaned his plate!

It was vest night at the Dunlaps...

And the next day...for a holiday party....Peppermint Bark!  
Rudy's favorite!

Snow! Seriously, it snowed in Texas!

So we got snow...unbelieveable.  It's a Christmas miracle for Texas!  I spoke to people in their 20's who had never seen snow in their lives (and have always lived in this region).  It was fun while it lasted and made us all think it felt a little more like the holidays.  Of course, the next day was in the 70's but ....hey....it snowed!

Snowball to prove it snowed here.  
Come and visit and see the snowball, in person.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleigh Riding, Texas Style

So as most of you know, I traveled several places over the last few months (Canada, Baltimore, DC, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and soon to be in Ohio) and I got it out of my system!  I decided until we have children, I wanted to go back to work.  We both realized I was driving myself nuts at home (there is only so much one can do) and I had an opportunity to go back into special events planning.  I began my career a long time ago with Marriott in DC area and I loved planning events.  Unfortunately, it is not a high salary so when Rudy went to grad school, I went into Human Resources.  

Two weeks ago, I took a position working with Bryan Parks and Recreation and I love it!  I was hired specifically for our large event in June called Texas Reds Wine Festival - but, I also work other events such as the holiday themed events we have in our local parks.  These are pictures from my first night on the job.  Our office hired a snow-maker from Colorado (12 hours away) to come and make snow for the kiddies.  I must say, although I thought it was a little lame when I heard about it, it turned out to be a really cool thing for the Texas kids to experience.  My memories growing up were of sleigh riding with all the kids in the neighborhood - Joe, Nancy, etc. and it was magical.  For one night, Bryan Parks and Rec was able to bring that to the kids here.  How cool.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Nieces @ Thanksgiving

Olivia staring at her Aunt DD wondering why she (I) takes so many pics


Foot-Fights on Nana's couch