Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aunt Emily visits Austin

We've been so lucky to have my parents come visit over Thanksgiving for a week. We definitely need to get some of those photos up!

This week, Aunt Emily came to visit. She's had so much fun with "her twin" aka Baby A Dunlap aka Max. Emily is also a twin (in case you didn't know - Rudy's sisters Emily and Rachel are twins) and they have each 'adopted' the twin that corresponds with their birth order. I.e, Emily was baby A and her twin is Max who is also baby A. We'll have to get Rachel to taken pics with her twin when we meet up for Christmas.

This week things have changed significantly with the babes - they are MUCH more awake and alert. They both smile ALOT. Max, who was Mr. fussy pants and had colic, is now as chill as could be and so happy. Vivi has officially found her 'voice' and talks and yells at us in a cute way to tell us what she likes and doesn't. Vivi has officially slept through the night (1 time from 10:30pm until 6:30am)! Other than that, they are only getting up once per night so we are getting at least 5 hours of sleep a night (up from 1-2) and we feel like rockstars!

Here are some shots from our week:

enjoying the farmer's market with the babies

Max sleeping with Aunt Emily amongst the laundry

Vivi wearing the hat Aunt Emily made

Vivi's sleeping style

Max is in love with Aunt Emily

Max and Vivi (L-R) singing angry Christmas carols

We're twins ya know....


Nana Sarine said...

LOVE these!!! (Sorry, but you guys are just TOO FAR AWAY!)

rose said...

Angry christmas carols - love it!!!